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Flexible office hours

With us there is more to life than just work. We support you in finding a healthy balance between your job and your private life and show understanding for the things that concern you

Balance your Life

Whether it’s a hobby, community involvement, time abroad, or further education – together we will find the perfect way that fits your life cycles.

Learning & development

The current business environment is fast-paced, demanding and constantly evolving. Global general management leaders need the skills face ever-new situations, so their development


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  • Early Career

    When you’re just starting out, it’s ok to not know where you’re going. True Accost Soft just want to get out there and learn. So come here. Learn about software. Learn about people. And learn how company ideas can spring from anywhere, including you.

  • Mid

    You’ve got more to learn, but a lot of experience to give. Maybe you haven’t brushed past the software world before. That’s ok. That’s where the learning part comes in.

  • Senior

    You’ve been around the block. You know when to fill emotional tanks, and when to keep the team’s eye on the prize. With our company growing at leaps and bounds, we need experienced eyes to help us look before we leap. That’s where you come in.